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Sunday, September 10, 2017

The end is near, folks, and here is why.  President Trump and the Democrats have agreed to abolish the debt ceiling.  This means that our Congress can spend money like drunken if they haven't been doing that all along. Unofficially, the dollar is now worth about 2 cents in purchasing power compared to when the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 and with no limit to borrowing, that will soon be zero.  When that happens, the greatest bankruptcy in history will occur and fantastic amounts of wealth will simply disappear.  Remember that one man's debt is another man's asset and we have built a house of debt cards for over 100 years and on top of that we have added derivatives as assets which are just a lot of hot air.  There is at least one estimate that the existing volume of derivatives exceeds, are you ready for this, 1.2 quadrillion dollars.  A quadrillion is a thousand trillion or a million billion (and so on...).  That is an amazing number.  The amount of US dollars in physical currency circulating is around 878 billion or almost a trillion, which is close enough for this analysis.  If the US defaults on it's debt of $ 20 trillion dollars, of which ALL arguably exists digitally only, then that amount of debt will disappear carrying with it the US dollars that were borrowed into existence, reducing the dollars for trade by 20 trillion.  This is a massive deflation and will make dollars so hard to get that there will be massive defaults in private industry which will cause other defaults, like in pensions funds which invest in debt to get the interest earnings.  Then the people counting on interest that now not only get interest but have lost their capital as well will be unable to meet their credit obligations and all the dominoes will fall down except the last 878 billion which exist physically.  Now all the debt obligations which were secured by assets such as real estate and machinery, just to name two, will be settled by seizure of real estate and machinery.  The banksters will own everything!  That is and has been the plan all along.  If you have unsecured debt, then YOU are the secured asset that they will own.  Hyperinflation will only be a momentary phenomenon before the great deflationary crash.  Even people who own their homes and equipment won't be able to pay property taxes because dollars will be so hard to get.  What should you do?

First, pay off all debt.

Second, set up a Coinbase account here and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and/or LiteCoin.  Why?  Because this digital currency does not have debt attached to it and will not just disappear.

Third, get involved with state and local government and add your voice to the chorus that the government should accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin in payment of property taxes.  This way the government will be able to continue operations and not collapse itself.

Fourth, study cryptocurrencies and learn as much as you can so you can protect yourself.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Unlikely Combination

It never occurred to me that my little provisional patent kit business would overlap my interest in currencies and the evil banksters who lust after control of all money.  Well, JP Morgan has provided the opportunity for that overlap. Have a look at this identical (nearly) from my provisional patent blog.
Here is a REALLY good reason to file for a provisional patent receipt. Bitcoin (arguably the most revolutionay currency improvement in a LONG, LONG time) is under attack as the biggest bankster organization in the US tries to patent the concept! Incredible! Yet here it is. Make no mistake about it...Bitcoin is under attack! The powers that be a frantically trying to either control it or destroy it. Check out this story:
JP Morgan to Patent Bitcoin-Like Virtual Cash [VIDEO] - International Business Times UK Wed, 11 Dec 2013 15:17:51 GMT
International Business Times UKJP Morgan to Patent Bitcoin-Like Virtual Cash [VIDEO]International Business Times UKUS banking major JP Morgan has filed to patent an online payment system that is similar to the emerging virtual currency, Bitcoin. JP M ...
Read more ...
Just remember, some years ago the man who invented the laser (by writing about it in a graduate school paper) won the patent rights after years of litigation. He was paid multiple millions in back royalties. If he had filed for a provisional patent, it would have been a lot simpler for him because that's PROOF of when you had the idea.
If you get a kit, you can file multiple times without having to buy the kit again. Plus, with our kit, you get FREE(!) updates when the kit changes! For as long as we update the kit! Sucha' deal!
Meanwhile, you protect yourself from evil, wicked shysters who would steal your idea, like ole' JP is trying to steal the digital currency idea.